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highway motors

Highway Motors Inc. is a family business name that started with my grandfather’s automobile car sales and service dealership. In the 1950’s, my grandfather Wes Baker started Highway Motors selling and servicing Studebaker and Willy’s Jeep automobiles. As a hard working self-made man, Wes Baker was proud to sell and service not only what he sold, but other makes and models of the era. As a kind gesture to his customers, my grandfather offered in-house financing and payment plans to help his customers who needed a loan and a little financial help.

Sadly after Studebaker closed its doors in November 1967, Wes Baker closed his business, taking an automotive family legacy with it. As a cherished family owned and operated business, I have acquired the family business name and have re-opened Highway Motors Inc. As in the tradition of my grandfather’s business, Highway Motors Inc. once again sells quality pre-owned reliable vehicles and provides financing to customers needing financial assistance. As the grandson of Wes Baker, I take pride in our family values to offer the same great quality cars and financial services. I personally welcome you to our establishment.

Please come and see our selection of quality cars at affordable prices.


Randy Wright